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If you're in need of a ductless system or mini-split installation, replacement, or repair, allow the expert technicians at Weis Comfort Systems to show you what over four decades in the industry can do!

Each specialist employed by Weis has been trained to properly assess your HVAC system to provide the best option for your property. When it comes to ductless mini-splits and all of our other home comfort equipment, we always offer top-rated products from industry-leading brands. We also make scheduling easy, with our convenient, guaranteed two-hour service windows. And with free in-person estimates available upon request, it never hurts to give our experts a call.

Contact us today for ductless and mini-split services in St. Louis, and find out why customers love our services for yourself.

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Top advantages of ductless systems and mini-split installation in St. Louis include:

  • Easy installation – Compared to a traditional HVAC installation where you need a system of ductwork, ductless mini splits can be hung up on your wall for a breeze of an installation that’ll be significantly cheaper as well.
  • More Flexibility – Since you’re not restrained by where ducts can be, mini split installation gives you more flexibility as to where your AC is and which rooms are cooled and by how much as well.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality – As ductwork requires constant cleaning to keep your indoor air quality up to standards, ductless mini splits are a good solution to have better air quality with less of the need for duct cleaning.
  • Silent Operation – If your traditional HVAC system makes a lot of noise, then consult our St. Louis mini split installation experts because ductless mini-splits make significantly less noise.
  • Greater Energy-Efficiency – As these units let you cool some parts of your home more than the entire house they use less energy than traditional HVAC units that heat and cool your entire home which leads to a lower carbon footprint.
  • More aesthetically pleasing to the eye – Because conventional HVAC units require a lot of ductwork and a messy installation process, ductless mini splits are more discrete and easier on the eyes.

Weis Comfort Systems’ selection of ductless AC systems offers comfort control and high efficiency at a cost-effective price. Our Daikin mini-splits provide quiet, reliable heating or cooling in any room throughout each and every season. Whether you own a historic home that has no ductwork or need to heat and cool a small space that isn’t used often, Weis can install a top of the line ductless heating and cooling system on your property that will not compromise the integrity of the room.

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When you contact Weis Comfort Systems for ductless/mini-split installation and repair, you may be able to take advantage of available financing options and specials. With services available in Ballwin, the entire St. Louis Metro area, and parts of Southern Illinois, you can count on our technicians to take care of a wide range of homes and businesses. And for when you need service ASAP, we are available for same-day and emergency appointments.


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