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Everyone loves to come home to a fresh, clean, allergen and dust-free home. Weis Comfort Systems understands this, and that is why we can install air purifiers in St. Louis.

Backed by 40 years of experience, our indoor air quality experts have the skills and technology to find the perfect air purification system for you. We make service easy, with free in-person estimates and same-day appointments. And with a reputation for delivering satisfaction in Ballwin, Metro St. Louis, and parts of Southern Illinois, there’s no reason not to call Weis Comfort to help purify your air today.

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What is iWave?

The iWave product family has proven its capabilities in recent years as the foremost in air purification equipment. This technology significantly reduces a wide variety of pathogens in breathable zones and non-porous surfaces. Weis Comfort Systems is proud to offer this air purification system to our clients in the Metro St. Louis area.

An iWave product, like the iWave-R, is a whole-home air purifier that installs inside any ducted HVAC system within a home and removes particles, smoke, odors, and allergens. The iWave-R uses a patented technology, called “needle-point bi-polar ionization,” to inject negative and positive ions into your air system in order to make contact with active mold spores, bacteria, or viruses. Once attached, the ions remove the hydrogen molecules, stripping them of the source of energy and causing them to die off. On top of that, the ions also attach themselves to allergens such as dust, pet dander, pollen, and other particles so that when they band together, they become large enough to be caught in your home’s air filter— giving you the full spectrum of clean air.

Improve Your Home's Air Quality!

With over 200,000 installations nationwide, the iWave line features air purifiers with many great features, including:

  • Kills viruses, mold, and bacteria
  • Actively purifies the air in your home
  • Maintenance-free and self-cleaning in most designs
  • Installs in any HVAC system
  • Non-stop protection
  • Proven bi-polar ionization technology
  • Limited warranty
  • Does not need costly replacement parts
  • Does not require yearly replacement bulbs or cells
  • Does not produce harmful byproducts

Other Air Purification Options

Air purifying systems come in many shapes and sizes and provide various helpful functions in the home. While some purify the air in only one room, Weis can also install a complete home system that will guarantee the air in every room in your house is purged of irritants. With air purifiers from industry-leading brands like Aprilaire, Weis’ can assist you in controlling the purity of air in your home or property by efficiently removing polluted air throughout an entire living space. Whether you suffer from asthma, dust, or other allergens, we will find the right system for where you live in the Metro St. Louis and Southern Illinois area.

Protect Your Health & Safety in St. Louis.

For decades, Weis Comfort Systems has offered industry-leading HVAC health and safety systems to St. Louis, MO residents. If you have worries about the filtration system, carbon monoxide monitoring equipmenthumidity/allergen levels, or general indoor air quality in your home, Weis Comfort can help. With properly functioning technology, you may be able to enjoy cheaper bills, fewer maintenance issues, and the satisfaction that your home will be as comfortable as possible year-round. Call today to learn more about our cutting-edge air purification options, and don’t forget to ask about available specials and financing options.


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