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Common Furnace Problems


Some of your most common furnace problems could be avoided by taking some straightforward steps to avoid costly furnace maintenance or furnace repair. When these problems arise, you want to reach out to a business that has the knowledge and the experience that when that happens, you can trust we will get it done.

1. Dirty Filters…Big Problems

A very simple and easy yet easy to forget step in avoiding furnace repair is changing your air filters. When you air filters are clogged or very dirty, the reduced airflow in the home will put a lot of strain on the blower motor and in some extreme cases, may even damage the limit switch that controls the blower. This is a simple and straightforward step to avoid unexpected furnace maintenance. If you feel uncomfortable doing this process yourself, Weis has you covered with our filtration and air quality services.

2. Dirty Ventilation System

To go along with keeping your heating and cooling system clean, clogs in the system that could cause abnormal drafts, which may lead to the pilot light or the electronic system to fault. Dusty ducting can cause faulty ignitors that will put a lot of strain on the heating to keep the space warm.

3. Thermostat Not Regulating

When your home is sometimes not staying at a regulated set temperature, the problem may be coming from a faulty thermostat. If the thermostat is faulty than keeping the home warmer for longer periods of time will be an issue. Also, having a faulty temperature switch, the furnace will cycle a lot more or not enough to keep the space at the set temperature on the thermostat. To save costs, you can also install a modern smart thermostat to help regulate the temperature.

4. Thermocouple Not properly working

Sometimes there are going to be instances that you are going to turn on your thermostat, and the blower motor will continue to run without turning off. When this happens, then you know that there is a problem with the limit switch or you thermocouple switch. When this happens, then you are going to have to reach out to the professionals.

5. Blower Malfunctions

Depending on where you live are not going to be using your furnace all year, and the heater blower fan sometimes gets a little noisy when you finally turn it on for the season. There are some cases where the blower will just smooth out, but there are also going to be times where there is a major issue with the fan. When the blower is having a problem, then furnace maintenance or furnace repair is going to be a must.

6. Just Simple Maintenance

A very common problem that people have with their furnace is an overall lack of maintenance. When you do not have regular furnace maintenance and inspections done, your furnace cannot operate as efficiently and won’t be as reliable as it should. Your furnace could also have more maintenance cost when the furnace does eventually need repair.

This Where the Experts Come into Play

With years of customer service and very knowledgeable staff at Weis, we have the right people to get what you need to be done right and know that it was done with care. If you want to know more about how our staff can help you with your furnace repair needs, please call us at (636) 266-2290. Or you can set up an appointment by filling out our contact form on our contact page.

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