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4 Reasons You should Insulate Your Attic


So you’ve just purchased your new home? Or, have you lived in your house for years? It’s time to consider putting insulation into your attic. What homeowners often think of the attic as its own separate area from the living space of the home. Therefore, we pass up on the idea of insulating the attic. Why would you protect an area of your home that’s used to store old photos, Christmas lights, and old coats? Because they mean something to you and they matter. Here are a few reasons that Weis Comfort Sytems believes you should insolate your attic and protect the things that matter before it gets cold outside.

1. Save On Your Energy Bills

Saving On Energy Bills are probably the most important reasons to insulate your attic. Insulating your attic prevents cold air from flowing into your home. Although the cost of insulating your attic may seem high or annoying to pay, just remember that protecting your attic is a long-term investment. It is an investment that is sure to pay off in energy savings for many years to come. Also by insulating your attic, you protect your HVAC system and help preserve the quality of air in your house.

2. Preventing damage to the roof

We all usually use the attic for storing things and memorabilia. Often those things are incredibly important. Or perhaps, you may even have one of those attics that serves as a living space. Whatever the case may be, having an attic that’s not insulated can severely damage your possessions, collections, and furniture. Uninsulated attic attracts water vapor to condense and form on the walls and your most prized possessions and memories. These problems can be prevented with insulation. Insolation buffers out extreme temperatures and rids your home of the condensation of water vapor. You should think of insulation as an extra layer of protection inside your home when storing your belongings in your attic.

3. Keeping a constant temperature throughout the house

In addition to acting as a barrier that helps keep out moisture and cold air, insulation also creates an even temperature throughout the house. Unless you are having ductwork issues, each room of the house should receive the same amount of comfort, keeping everyone warm during the winter. The airtight nature of spray foam also eliminates cold drafts. It gets into very tiny corners and cracks, providing high-quality seals in any room.

4. Avoiding frozen pipes

When temperatures outside are below freezing, pipes that run against poorly-insulated exterior walls and unheated areas tend to freeze up. When water freezes, it expands and causes pressure on a metal or plastic pipe. After extreme changes, the pipes eventually burst. This frequently occurs in water supply pipes that pass through exterior walls without sufficient insulation. Insulation in the attic is an efficient and inexpensive way to prevent interior pipes from freezing and potentially bursting. It adds a significant layer of protection by allowing warmer air to stay inside. Before the onset of colder winters, drain your pipes externally and consider relocating them in areas that will have higher temperatures. It also helps to know which pipes and areas are prone to freezing.

We’ve known for a long time now that home insulation comes with many benefits. For one, it helps maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, all year round. Another reason is it reduces dampness in your basement or crawlspace and attic avoiding mold infestation. But more importantly, it dramatically lowers your monthly energy bills, as well as cuts your carbon footprint. Let Weis Comfort Systems get your house insulated and ready for these frigid days of winter arrives. you can set up an appointment by filling out our contact form on our contact page.

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