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Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter


Unless you’re in the tropics, whisky-stocked cabinets and space heaters only go so far as cold weather moves in. Homeowners in the greater St. Louis area and Illinois face some of the brutalist, often weird weather during winter months. Cutting winds, snow-piled roofs, icecycles as long as you are tall, there’s nothing worse than losing winter’s biggest threat: heat.

We take for granted hallway thermostats set to 72 and not-freezing. What makes those thermostats work, however, is a whole new story. Weis Comfort Systems specializes in a number of St. Louis-based home improvements including filtration systems, maintenance plans, and total HVAC coverage. For homeowners, this means quality boiler repair and installation for boilers and furnaces.

Below we share some expert tips to make sure your home is ready for the worst winter can throw at us.

1. I set a thermostat…nothing happened?

You’re not alone. There are countless homeowners or tenants out there who don’t understand how their system works or if it works at all. First off, do you have a boiler or a furnace? A boiler is a closed system that heats water via gas or electricity to generate radiant heat. Boilers are the "old school" but efficient at maintaining a well-rounded, cozy temperature for your home as long as you have expert boiler repair service in St. Louis on your side. A furnace is a bit different. Furnaces use forced air systems to heat air that’s then pumped throughout a home. The advantage of a furnace is the all-in-one inclusivity of the system.

Furnace or boiler, a thermostat is the modern-day equivalent of drawing straws to see who will go outside and split more firewood. The best advice we can give is to not wait until the last minute. That first storm, everyone, and their uncle will start questioning their home’s heating capabilities. It’s important to contact a professional St Louis HVAC contractor before it’s too late to avoid being uncomfortable.

2. Am I high, or is that carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is no joke. The silent killer is especially active in the colder months due to overworked heating units and other fumes. There’s also the chance that an exterior exhaust pipe could ice over or be buried in a snow drift. Conscientious homeowners will schedule (at least) annual HVAC maintenance checkups. With Weis Comfort Systems, this means a complete go-over of systems to ensure you and your family’s health and safety.

3. The Little Things

There are many other ways to keep the chill out of your home which A) Keeps you warm and B) Saves you money on power bills while C) Reducing your carbon footprint. For example:

  • Caulk leaks around windows
  • Install new attic insulation
  • Lower hot water temperature a few degrees
  • Reverse your fan blades
  • Get a programmable thermostat
  • Weatherstrip your home
  • Use door sweeps
  • Migrate south
  • Don’t go outside

While the last two options are charming in their own right, calling Weis Heating & Cooling is the best one. Our HVAC maintenance plans are designed to make sure your home sails through the winter months with minimal hassle. You can request a free quote or check out our other furnace repair and boiler repair services in Missouri and Illinois.

Stay warm, St. Louis!

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