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Lennox Heat Pumps

Embrace innovation year-round with an accurate, energy-efficient, and ultra quiet heat pump from Lennox. Wies Comfort Systems carries the most affordable, effective heat pumps from Lennox to guarantee comfort throughout each season.

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Signature Series

ENERGY STAR® Certified

XP25 Heat Pump

The XP25 features SilentComfort Technology for quiet performance, and PreciseComfort Technology to maximize the comfort in your home, while saving energy.

Efficiency Rating: Up to 23.5 (SEER)
ENERGY STAR® Certified

XP21 Heat Pump

The XP21 is the quietest and most efficient two-stage heat pump you can buy, with SilentComfort™ technology and a design engineered to match energy use with heating and cooling power to keep your home comfortable yet energy-efficient.

Efficiency Rating: Up to 19.2 (SEER)
ENERGY STAR® Certified

SL18XP1 Heat Pump

The SL18XP1 is a cost-effective and efficient single-stage heat pump that has an efficiency rating of up to 18.5, and can significantly reduce the amount of your utility bills.

Efficiency Rating: Up to 18.5 (SEER)

Elite Series

ENERGY STAR® Certified

XP20 Heat Pump

The XP20 is a high-efficiency heat pump with true variable capacity that can precisely control the humidity in your home for consistent comfort.

Efficiency Rating: Up to 20 (SEER)
ENERGY STAR® Certified

XP16 Heat Pump

The XP16 heat pump is designed to maximize the amount of energy savings in your home by operating at the lowest speed possible while keeping your home comfortable.

Efficiency Rating: Up to 17 (SEER)
ENERGY STAR® Certified

XP14 Heat Pump

The XP14 is the quietest and most efficient heat pump you can buy, with a precision scroll compressor that dampens sound, and a PermaGuard stainless steel cabinet that protects against corrosion.

Efficiency Rating: Up to 16 (SEER)

Merit Series


14HPX Heat Pump

The 14HPX provides affordable, reliable comfort, with a scroll compressor that can last for years, and an efficiency rating of 16, the 14HPX can greatly reduce your home's energy use and utility bills.

Efficiency Rating: Up to 14 (SEER)