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Lennox Packaged Units

Packaged air conditioners, heat pumps, dual fuel, and gas and electric systems from Lennox are a great way to ensure effectiveness and comfortability. Lennox's packaged units are ready for various weather conditions from warm to cold.

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LRP14AC Packaged Air Conditioner

Compact residential packaged air conditioner

Efficiency Rating: (SEER): 14

LRP14HP Packaged Heat Pump

Compact residential packaged heat pump

Efficiency Rating: (SEER): 14 |

LRP14DF Packaged Dual-Fuel

Compact residential packaged dual-fuel system

Efficiency Rating: (SEER): 14 | (AFUE): 81 | (HSPF): 8

LRP14GE Packaged Gas/Electric

Compact packaged unit for virtually any application

Efficiency Rating: (SEER): 14 | (AFUE): 81