Health + Safety

Weis Heating & Cooling has a wide range of brands and products for your home or business. While we specialize in implementing the installation and repair, we also promote knowledge regarding the health and safety involved in maintaining the equipment.

During the Spring, having well-tuned and functioning HVAC systems is a must. For one, summer is just around the corner, and you're going to want to get a maintenance check on your AC unit before the rush. Also, allergies become a major concern for families. Weis Comfort Systems installs industry-leading air filters that help reduce circulating dust, pollen, and other irritants that cause allergies. It's important for our company to make sure your home is as healthy and safe as possible.Take a moment to review the factors that can affect the wellness of you and your family. Please feel free to contact Weis, the HVAC specialists, if you have any questions regarding the offered material below.


Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a serious threat to all living things. Through annual maintenance visits from your qualified Weis technician, we can reassure that your home heating systems is not producing substantial levels of carbon monoxide.

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Those with allergies can rejoice in knowing that HVAC systems can assist in the prevention of allergic reactions while you are within your home. Sufferers from seasonal allergies such as grass, tree, and pollen can escape to their homes for relief.

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The filter for your HVAC system needs to be changed regularly. If you suffer from dust or allergens, changing more frequently is best practice. Dust and allergens can be kept at bay from releasing into your home when your filter is clean.

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Air Purification

For those with dust and allergy concerns or an affinity for improved air quality, an air purification system is an absolute must! After installation, you will notice an evident difference in the purity of the air flow within your home.

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HVAC systems provide filtration of your air by first removing contaminants, particles, and gases before releasing the cleaned air into you home. Filtration is a key component to ensuring the quality of the air within your living space.

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Many know that humidity makes them feel warmer on a hot day, but did you know that humidity affects your HVAC system, too? We provide units that contain humidifiers and dehumidifiers to ensure your inside temperature is best controlled.

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