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How Geothermal Works

No matter the temperature outside, the temperature within the Earth’s crust remains pretty consistent year round. The Earth’s crust absorbs and retains a significant amount of the sun’s heat energy, making it a great energy source. Geothermal heat pumps utilize this energy to heat or cool your home or water. When your heat pump is in heat mode, it extracts heat from the ground and uses it to heat your home. When your heat pump is in cool mode, it extracts heat from the air in your home and transfers it into the ground to cool your home down.

Benefits of Using Geothermal Systems

Owning a geothermal system is a great move for any homeowner.

Some of the key benefits of geothermal systems include:

  • Quiet operation: Geothermal systems are designed to operate very quietly, so you can enjoy a more peaceful home.
  • Improved comfort: These systems often include technology and features that provide dehumidification and air purification. This creates a healthier, more comfortable environment.
  • Increased energy efficiency: Because geothermal systems transfer heat rather than generating it, they consume very little electricity. Homeowners often enjoy much lower monthly energy bills after installing these systems. This also makes these systems incredibly cost effective.
  • Eco-friendliness: Geothermal systems do not produce carbon monoxide or any other greenhouse gasses, which allows homeowners to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Incentives: There are state, local, and federal rebates and tax incentives available to residents who install geothermal systems.

If you are on the fence about whether or not you want to install a geothermal heat pump in your home, turn to Weis Comfort Systems. Our St. Louis geothermal service professionals will explain your options to you, help you understand how you can benefit, and select the perfect system for your home and family. Geothermal energy is the smarter way to power your home, and our team is here to make sure you have access to the best geothermal equipment available.

Why Choose a WaterFurnace Solution?

WaterFurnace geothermal products have undergone a significant amount of testing to ensure they are the best of the best. WaterFurnace adheres to the highest standards in innovation and devotion, which allows them to equip countless homes with exceptional residential geothermal systems. With a WaterFurnace geothermal system in your home, your family will enjoy uninterrupted, year-round comfort.

As a certified WaterFurnace provider, Weis Comfort Solutions has access to all of their heat pump products, including:

  • 7 Series 700A11
  • 5 Series 500A11
  • 3 Series 300A11
  • Synergy3D
  • 5 Series SAH
  • 5 Series 500W11
  • 5 Series 504W11
  • Envision NDW
  • 5 Series 500R11
  • 5 Series 500RO11
  • 5 Series 506A11
  • 7 Series 700R11

Our experts at Weis Comfort Systems are committed to providing the best possible service. When you turn to our team, you can expect free estimates, flexible payment options, same-day and 24/7 emergency services, financing options, maintenance programs, and expert workmanship. No matter the repair, replacement, new installation, or maintenance service you need, we guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

Call (636) 202-0073 to schedule geothermal services in St. Louis.

$50 Off For New Customers Cannot be combined with other specials, and not valid on maintenance agreements or precision tune-ups. Limit to one household per coupon.
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Over 40 Years of Exceptional Work

At Weis Comfort Systems, helping your home run smoothly is what we do best. Since opening our doors in 1975, our team has proudly provided residents throughout our community with top-level home comfort services. To ensure your home is taken care of and your family is comfortable all year long, our team offers professional geothermal services in St. Louis. Whether you need a minor repair, routine maintenance, or a new system installation, Weis Comfort Systems always gets the job done right the first time. As a full-service provider of WaterFurance geothermal products, you can rest easy knowing you will have access to the best-performing, highest rated geothermal heat pump equipment on the market.

Call (636) 202-0073 or send us a message online to learn more.

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