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Heating and Cooling service are included in the repair cost. In addition, HVAC maintenance quotes are on us! If your home or business' furnace or AC are underperforming, Weis Comfort Systems is ready to fix the issue with Weis' team of factory-certified and trained service technicians. Repairing, replacing, and installing HVAC systems is one of our passions and professional promises.

Weis Heating and Cooling has served Swansea, IL, for more than 8 decades. Our HVAC repair service is easy and budget-friendly for business and homeowners. If you're ready to learn more about Weis' quality HVAC installation and repair services in Swansea, visit our service request page or contact one of our Illinois and Missouri locations today.


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Swansea HVAC Repair

Heating and Cooling Repair in Swansea, IL. For 90 years, Weis Heating and Cooling has provided the Metro St. Louis area and Swansea residents with quality HVAC repair services. We provide furnace repair, AC installation, boiler repair, and general HVAC maintenance to our customers. If your furnace, boiler, or AC unit underperforms or breaks, Weis provides free quotes to Swansea homeowners. Our certified and trained HVAC technicians and installers are more than ready to enhance your system's reliability and cost-efficiency to ensure no-hassle heating and cooling and filtration.

We know how costly it is to repair or let alone buy and install a new boiler or AC system. Weis' seasoned techs work to improve a system's lifetime and performance, saving homeowners thousands by simply keeping up with a proven maintenance plan. Request a Free Quote today for more info about Weis Comfort System's Swansea HVAC services. We promise top-notch work no matter the job or season.


Starting at $165
  • First System: $165
  • Additional Systems: $145 each
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Furnace Tune-Up

Starting at $89
  • First Furnace: $89
  • Second Furnace: $69
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A/C Tune-Up

Starting at $89
  • First Unit: $89
  • Second A/C: $89
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Heating and Cooling Maintenance in Swansea

Weis Heating and Cooling provides a wide variety of high-quality products to Swansea residents. Some of our brands include Daikin®, Lennox®, WaterFurnace®, Aprilaire®, Healthy Climate®, and others.

Heating, filtration, and AC installation and repair is an investment. Our certified experts ensure your Swansea HVAC repair goes off without a hitch. We strive to make the process as easy as we can for home and business owners. We include several maintenance checkpoints to optimize our service in Swansea. As a reminder, you can request a free service quote or check out our rebates and coupons.

Swansea HVAC Service and Repair Capabilities

The technicians at Weis have years of experience in the heating and cooling repair business. We provide an assortment of residential and commercial HVAC services. Here are a few what Weis Heating and Cooling can do for our customers:

  • Furnace Installation and Repair: Keeping your furnace performing is essential to get through those cold Swansea winters. Weis' techs can provide grade-A furnace maintenance.
  • Boiler Repair: Weis also keep your boiler in prime condition. Visit the boiler repair page for more information.
  • AC Install and Repair: Battling harsh Swansea summers takes a working air conditioner. Request our Swansea AC installation pros today for an assessment.
  • Air Filtration: Filtration is vital to health and safety. We specialize in allergen prevention, dust and filtration systems, carbon monoxide protection, air purification, and humidity control.
  • Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plans: Prevent expensive damage with our commercial and residential HVAC maintenance plans in Swansea. Weis is happy to help our customers get their HVAC systems up to par.

As you know, properly maintaining your HVAC system is essential to owning an efficient, cost-effective household. Call Weis Comfort Systems today for pricing and financing options and additional info about the Swansea HVAC repair and other services we provide home and building owners.

Why Pick Weis for Swansea HVAC Repair?

Weis Comfort Systems has provided Swansea residents with quality HVAC installation and repair for the better part of a century. Our professional techs are honest about costs and strive to offer the best, most affordable solutions they can. Just read Weis' HVAC contractor reviews to learn more about our service record.

Dedicated Service

The HVAC Repair Experts at Weis Comfort Systems that service Swansea, IL, home and business owners strive to bring the best to each job. We use efficient and proven practices to ensure reliable and dedicated service to all of our customers.

Flexible Payments

Weis accepts a wide range of payment options for your convenience. This includes Visa, Mastercard, cash, checks, and other financing options. If you want additional help financing a new air conditioner, ventilation system, or furnace and other repairs, please visit our pricing and financing page for more info.

Committed to Safety

We have complete confidence in the state-of-the-art products and brands we use. Our HVAC repair technicians are vetted for safety and professionalism, employing best-in-industry safety practices. Homeowners in Swansea don't need to concern themselves with Weis' installation, repair, and HVAC maintenance methods.

Simply Satisfied

Weis Comfort Systems' team of trained specialists give first-class guarantees. The next time your home or buildings air conditioner, boiler, or furnace needs replaced or repaired, contact Weis' seasoned HVAC repair contractors. We proudly serve the Greater St. Louis area and Swansea, IL.

Heating and Cooling Repair in Swansea

When your furnace, air conditioner, or boiler is on the fritz or you plan to install a new system, contact us today. Our Swansea HVAC repair experts are willing to discuss with you Weis' services and capabilities. Get a quote or ask for more info now. Weis Comfort Systems' HVAC Repair Contractors in Swansea, IL, are ready to help.

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