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Humidity is the amount of water vapor or moisture in the air around you. Depending on the time of year and the type of activity in the home, the humidity may be higher than average and certainly higher than is comfortable.

We all can relate to humidity when summer hits St. Louis. This is why picking the right humidifier in your home is essential. The professionals at Weis Comfort Systems are here to help you and will get the job done with confidence.

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In our effort to prove our commitment to customer satisfaction, HVAC contractors of Weis Comfort Systems undergo continual training, education, and safety courses to ensure we provide our clients with the industry’s most current and efficient practices, products, and security. We have paired state-of-the-art products, safety, and practices to ensure that our team of HVAC contractors have the experience, background, and skill set to accurately repair, install and maintain comfort systems in your home.

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Why is this important? The moisture in your home has to stay at these suggested levels, or damage to your home inside and out can happen. When the humidity is lower, you and your family become more susceptible to getting sick and having airborne viruses in the house, as well as having damages to the wood in your home from warping. When the humidity is higher in the home, it can encourage mold growth and the house becomes muggy and sweaty. After seeing all the issues that could occur in the home, isn’t this the perfect time to call Weis Comfort Systems and have a humidifier installed by the professionals now?


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